Used filler-capper for pouches

Used filler-capper for pouches

This used filler-capper for pouches, manufactured by Plümat, is ideal for semi-automatic filling.
Our customer, whose factories are located in Morocco, asked us to adapt this used filler-capper for perfusion pouches of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml (containing a solution of sodium chloride or dextrose).


Pouches are set in position manually, then the cycle begins:
• Pinching and vacuum setting of the pouch
• Pressure injection of the solution
• Setting in position of the pouch for sealing
• Capping and freeing of the pouch, which then falls on a conveyor, to be evacuated towards secondary packaging.
• Calling and setting in position of a new cap (by compressed air system), then waiting for next cycle



Concerning the adaptations realized on this used filler, MIPCO replaced the elements used to carry the sealing caps. In parallel, the system being equipped with a steam cleaning and sterilization in place system, hoses were replaced. These elements being in direct contact with the product (via caps and/or cleaning and sterilization fluids), the material certificates were supplied.
It has also been necessary to replace and adapt the format parts used to hold the pouches during the filling operation.
Technically, the pneumatic circuit and components were carefully reviewed, because they presented numerous leaks and wear marks.


Finally, the volumes of the pouches being different from the ones of the previous user, the setup of the mass flowmeters (Promass Endress + Hauser) was controlled, along with the modifications of the recipes in the Plümat processor, which were adjusted so that they precisely match our customer’s requests.

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