We are an industrial maintenance company

Our 450 m² maintenance workshop allows us to refurbish any of your production equipment.

We propose :

  • The putting up-to-standard of your equipment
  • Refurbishment
  • PLC replacement
  • Modifications
  • Adaptation to formats

We can also recondition for you the machines from our own stock.

Videos of our interventions

Specialist in preventive and corrective maintenance, MIPCO proposes its services of assistance and production maintenance to the industrials of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Our team is made of technicians specialized in mechanics, electro-mechanics, electricity, automation and handling.

We intervene on any production, process or packaging equipment.

Mipco makes its expertise available in the domain of pharmaceutical and cosmetic’s industrial transfer.

Our technicians intervene anywhere in France, and regularly in Europe.

We can manage complete dismantling of production sites, along with the reinstallation of the lines.

We realize all the interventions:

Organization (planning)
Putting into service
DOE (executed works file)

Our team, at your disposal, composed of maintenance technicians in mechanic, electric and automation domains.

Our motto : Requirement is not a coincidence, but our commitment

Our values




Our structure proposes


  •     Implementation of maintenance contract
  •     On-site intervention
  •     Intervention in our premises
  •     Bringing into compliance of machinery
  •     Expertise in method and organization of maintenance trades
  •     Redaction of preventive maintenance task lists
  •     Redaction of procedures
  •     Realization of FAT, SAT and PRS


Industrial transfer

  •     Complete line transfer
  •     Planning
  •     Realization of plans
  •     Unloading and settling of new equipment
  •     DOE (file of executed work)

Examples of Achievement

  • Customer : Unither
  • Type : filling line transfer

  • Customer : Aspen
  • Type : dismantling and transfer of an inspection line

  • Customer : Merial
  • Type : dismantling of 2 Lödige

  • Customer : LGV
  • Type : transfer of a sachet line

  • Customer : Aspen Pharma
  • Type : Complete dismantling of a production building (injectable syringe) (air-handling units, filling lines, tanks, autoclaves…)

  • Customer : Servier
  • Type : Disassembly of a dry form production unit (coating pans, tablet presses …)

Videos of machines refurbished by MIPCO

You will also find us on our YouTube channel, with the videos proposed by INGENNEO.

Refurbishment of a CAM case packer

Refurbishment of a DUMEK mixer

Refurbishment of a KÜGLER capper

Complete refurbishment of a plastic vial line

Refurbishment of a PAGO labeler

Refurbishment of a CAM cartoner (1)

Refurbishment of a CAM cartoner (2)

Refurbishment of a PAGO labeler

Refurbishment of a LIBRA labeler

Refurbishment of a PKB filler-capper

Refurbishment of a CORIMA labeler CORIMA (1)

Refurbishment of a CORIMA labeler (2)

Improvement of the leaflet feeding device on a SIG sachet filler

Format on a PLÜMAT pouch filler (1)

Format on a PLÜMAT pouch filler (2)

Format on a PLÜMAT pouch filler (3)

Refurbishment of a MARCHESINI MA100 cartoner

Refurbishment of a WECKERLE filler (1)

Refurbishment of a WECKERLE filler (2)

Our Customers

Aspen, Boehringer, Catalent, Caudalie, Cenexi, Clarins, Evaflor, Fareva, Guerlain, Ipsen, La bouche rouge, LGV, LTE, Merial, Parfums Christian Dior, Pascuals, Sanofi Amilly, Servier, Shiseido, Soreal, TAG Lifecare, Unither Gannat …


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