Development Tablet press

Development Tablet press

Ingecentre Group has acquired a set of development equipment for dry forms:


PharmaTest PT-TD1 powder density tester / year 2004 (ref. 4276)
Sviac PR12 rotary tablet press / year 2002 (ref. 4278)
Frewitt MG-123 granulator (ref. 4279)
Riva MiniPress MII tablet press / year 2006 (ref. 4280)



Besides, we have in stock other dry forms machines, in particular:

A Romaco Rotolab granulator (ref. 1478)
A Ceram sieve (ref. 4288)
A Russel sieve (ref. 4292)


Today, we have all the necessary material to propose a complete training on tablet presses: production machine, development presses, testers…

This training, commissioned by great pharmaceutical groups, is an answer to their needs in terms of qualified staff in the domain of tablet presses.
We can organize tailor made formation sessions. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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