Steam sterilizer

Specifications :

  • Manufacturer : SUBTIL CREPIEUX
  • Model : ALV 1061
  • Year : 1996
  • Ingenneo number : 2456

Product Description

Steam sterilizer



Model: ALV 1061

Year: 1996

Dimension of tank: Ø355mm and height=650mm

Tank volume: 60 liters

Pressure system and door constructed in 316L stainless steel chambers tested at 6 bars and approved at 3 bars

Manual filling and automatic operation

Adjustable temperature between 100°c to 138°C

Adjustable sterilization time between 0 to 60 minutes

Audible and visual alarm after sterilization cycle

Power: 230V – 50Hz – 3kW

Overall dimensions (Width x Depth x Height in mm): 600x740x960