Horizontal steam sterilizer

Specifications :

  • Manufacturer : PHARMA TEC
  • Year : 2003
  • Ingenneo number : 2916

Product Description

Horizontal Steam sterilizer


Manufacturer: PHARMA tec

Year: 2003

Volume: 4000 liters

To sterilize liquids in open, semi-sealed or totally closed container according to the steam-air mixture process.

This steam sterilizer is working according with the internal products pressure to avoid deformation or break of the product after sterilization.

The sterilization phase can be programmed for defined time or with a F0-Value.

Working pressure: 3 bar

1 face with Panel SIMATIC OP27 SIEMENS

1 face with Panel SIMATIC OP7 SIEMENS

2 face with pressure regulator concerning pressure of chamber


Internal dimensions of the chamber: Ø 1200mm and depth 3600mm

Power: 3-phases T + N, 400VAC, 50Hz


Buffer tank of 1000 liters in 316 stainless steel

Manufacturer: SBM

Year: 2003