Specifications :

  • Manufacturer : EREA
  • Model : BG16
  • Year : 1994
  • Ingenneo number : 2326

Product Description

Low-humidity hood


Manufacturer: EREA

Model: BG16

Year: 1994

Flow rate: 120m3/h

Dehydrator type M120

Regulator ERTK800

Temperature regulator TC1

Humidity transmitter HBG5F001

Digital display EXM2UF001

Cold battery BSH

Differential pressure switch P33

Filters type HEPA H14

4 gloves

TRIPLEX glass screen with motorized displacement

A command and control cabinet

Structure in stainless steel 316L

External Dimensions (l x d x h): around 1500 x 850 x 3030 mm

Internal Dimensions (l x d x h): around 1500 x 770 x 1100 mm

Power: 230V, 50Hz